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Typed fantasies inspired by Jack Davenport

Cat & Bird Corp.

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Sailing Home for Christmas (G)
Title: Sailing Home for Christmas
Author: blackpoetcat
Rating: G
Characters: James Norrington, Jack Sparrow implied
Disclaimer: Mouse owns all, just celebrating Xmas with.
Thanks to: dear porridgebird
Inspiration thanks to: Chris Rea

I often wished my precious Dauntless to have wings. This was mostly when it came to hunting down pirates or the enemy's privateers during wartime; but now and then because I longed to get home. Like today.

If the winds would stay fair we could make it into port by nightfall, just in time to celebrate Christmas Eve in Port Royal. In the past I joined Governor Swann's dinner table or spent this special evening together with my lieutenants. This year I turned them all down. Of course I reaped rather surprised and even worried looks and I was certain my friends were sorry I seemed to prefer being alone and, no doubt, lonely.

They were wrong.

If the Lord would grace me, he would be there, probably already waiting for my arrival. There was no reason for anyone to check on my house until after Christmas, because I'd given my servants the whole Holidays off before I departed. He should be safe in my home.

Wondering what he might have prepared I started smiling involuntarily. If there was one way my beloved was predictable, it was for being unpredictable. Everything was possible, starting with a delicious dinner he composed on his own, and delicate wines, to simple bread, cheese and fruits, accompanied by rum.

To be honest, I didn't care. All I cared for was to finally be with him. It was months since we last met and I missed him deeply. Not only physically, though I was shuddering inwardly just by the anticipation of embracing and kissing him under the mistletoe. I loved to look at him, to watch him smiling, talking with his whole body while his sincere feelings for me were clearly written in his dark eyes, to see this was the best thing ever happened to me. To know I would feel warm even in the coldest English winter, just by looking in his eyes, was worth every risk I had to accept along with this relationship.

My smile grew when I spotted Port Royal's cliffs slowly becoming visible at the horizon. Only two hours remaining until port and the landing procedure, afterwards I had to settle at least the basic necessary paper work -- then I would go home.

Home to my first Christmas Eve wrapped in love and the pure precious gift of Jack's presence.

~~~ The end ~~~

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(Deleted comment)
Well, you know - James is just made to be a suffering hero. But as long as he will be loved it doesn't matter and I'm certain he had fabulous Christmas days with Jack ;)

If there was one way my beloved was predictable, it was for being unpredictable.
So true! :)

Indeed it is. And who would know better than James?

Thx for reading & reviewing :)

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